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Machine Museum

  • Machine Museum

Learn About the History of Sewing Machines

The machines and techniques of sewing have certainly advanced over the years, especially since the 1800s. However, even back then, sewing machines existed, which led the way for the more advanced, state-of-the-art machines we know and use today. 

Our patchwork and quilting store is also a museum where you can learn about the history of sewing from the 1800s. We have all kinds of beautiful, vintage sewing machines that will catch the eye of any sewing connoisseur. Check out the treadle and hand crank sewing machines we have on display as well as the rest of our antiques. 

We Can’t Wait to See You!

Stop by today to pick up what you need, whether you need patchwork supplies or rotary cutters, and then pop into our museum next door and take a look around. Entry to the museum is free! 

‘Mogo has an appealing name but it also has an appealing, homely streetscape. So we stopped for a coffee and discovered that there was a sewing machine museum next door! In the upstairs area of Rosemont The Patchwork shop, Barry, a passionate sewing machine mechanic, proudly showed us his collection of over 200 sewing machines dating back to the late 1800s. He showcased the artwork and engineering skills of the early manufacturers, with neat captions beside his key exhibits. We didn't meet Barry's wife Teresa, but she provides the shop front, with patchwork supplies, antiques and collectables. Mogo's Patchwork Shop and Sewing Machine Museum won't get everyone's mojo going, but if you like an honest and passionate niche view of life, proudly presented, this place is fascinating and worth a short visit.’—Marjie Courtis, TripAdvisor
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